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Why we travel


Travel is a passion. In my opinion, I travel because it makes me happy. I enjoy planning my trips, finding the accommodation, discussing with my travel companions what we will do and which places we will visit.

I think it’s amazing to be able to jump on a plane and, hours later, be in a different city. I love to get to know people with traditions and cultures that are different to mine.

People that don't travel are missing something that is pretty great. That feeling that you get when you are exploring a different country, that happiness, the experiences that you live... it's amazing! Travelling is a way to disconnect from your daily routine, it’s like a stress relief. I try to go away at least 7 or 8 times per year, 5 of them to places where I haven’t been yet.

Once you start travelling, it happened to me and to most of my friends, you can't stop... it's an addiction!! But what a great addiction!! I go to a city where I've never been before and when I come back I feel so relaxed, so happy, that I start thinking where and when I will go next.

Every person is different and, obviously, travellers are different as well. I prefer city breaks and I love to go to places where I can experience a cultural shock. Some people like exotic destinations, some prefer beach holidays, others are looking for some adventures,... There are many different type of travellers and there are destinations to satisfy all of them. 

In my case, I like to sightsee, also I enjoy going to nice restaurants (they don't have to be expensive) and trying different traditional dishes; chilling out while having a drink with my travel buddies; shopping,... I'm more into city breaks than beach holidays; but sometimes relaxing on the beach or by the swimming pool for few days it's all what your body needs!

Personally, I prefer to travel with my friends and family, but I know many people that like to travel on their own. When you travel with friends, this can help you to get really close to them or, if you are not on the same page, you can end up falling out. That's why I think it's important to choose your right travel companions or at least, speak about what you want to do during the trip. Everyone needs to be flexible. Each person can choose different places to visit and different activities; so everybody can enjoy the holidays. On the other hand, travelling alone gives you the opportunity to know yourself better and to meet new people.

I consider myself lucky, as I have many friends with this passion for travel and we have similar tastes; so it makes things a lot easier. Normally, I try to go away with different people during the year. 

So, are you convinced yet? Ready to pack your stuff? You won't regret it!


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