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3 days in Athens

October 2015

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. This city is an open-air museum with jewels like the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Birthplace of philosophy, democracy and drama is a city that has loads to offer. 


The climate of Athens is Mediterranean and can be summed up as having hot dry summers and mild wet winters. The average temperature in the winter is in the low teens (10-12°C), while spring and fall bring average temperatures in the mid-teens (15-19°C). Summer predictably brings the warmest weather, with average temperatures in the mid-to-high 20's (24-27°C).

We visited the capital in October and the weather was really nice with day temperatures reaching the 23°C.


The best way to reach Athens city center from Athens International Airport is using Metro Line 3. Trains run every 30 minutes, 7 days a week, from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. The trip till Syntagma Station (Athens center) lasts 40 minutes. 

You can purchase a 3 day tourist ticket which can be used on public transport and includes a return ticket to the airport. The ticket is valid for 72 hours after validation. Check here Tickets and fares for more info.

If you would like to get a taxi to your final destination go to the designated Taxi waiting area located at Exit 3 of Arrivals Level.A taxi from the airport to the city center (inner ring) costs a flat rate of €35 from 5:00 a.m. to midnight, and €50 from midnight to 5:00 a.m.

During our trip we hardly used the public transport as you can easily walk to the main attractions.


Day 1

  • Go for a walk and maybe some shopping around Plaka. In my opinion, one of the most attractive districts in Athens, with its narrow cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops selling jewellery, clothes and local ceramics. 

  • More shopping at Monastiraki Flea Market where you could find almost everything. It's better to go on a Sunday.

  • Enjoy drinks at one of the many roof terraces with the Acropolis view.


Day 2

  • Spend the morning visiting the Acropolis

  • Enjoy a great view of the city from Filopappos Hill. It's a green area to the south west of the Acropolis.

  • Visit the Ancient Agora which was the commercial, trading, administrative and social centre of Athens. 

  • Don't miss the Acropolis museum where you will find the original Caryatids from the Parthenon. There is also a glass floor that shows the excavated homes of ancient Athenians.

  • Find  a restaurant where they play rembetika music (Greek popular music). So you can enjoy dinner while listening some traditional music.

Day 3

  • See the Change of the Guard Ceremony. It happens on the hour, every hour at Syntagma Square in front of the Parliament Building. I think it's a must see. If you are in Athens on a Sunday or a public holiday, go and see a different ceremony at 11 am.

  • Visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus 

  • Have a look at the Hadrian Library. Just outside Monastiraki metro station.

Note: If you wish to visit the Acropolis and some of the most important ancient sites, including the Ancient Agora and Hadrian Library it's better to buy a multi-site ticket that costs 30€.



Regarding the Greek beverages, you could try the ouzo produced by partial distillation or the admixture of plain alcohol with aromatic herbs. Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece. If you like beer, you can try Mythos.

If you are a foodie, you will love Athens. I really enjoyed the food at the Greek capital. They have a great variety of dishes to choose from. Here I mention some of them:


  • Tzatziki: Yoghurt, cucumber and lots of garlic.

  • Greek Salad: Made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives, typically seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil.

  • Moussaka: Layered aubergine, ground beef and tomato oven-baked with a thick topping of bechamel sauce.

  • Souvlaki: Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. 

  • Gyros: Pork meat roasted vertically and cut into thin slices, served with grilled pitta and tzatziki or wrapped as a souvlaki.

  • Saganaki: This is an appetiser for cheese lovers.Yellow hard cheese, is fried in a specific way that creates a crunchy crust.

  • Baklava: Filo pastry layers filled with chopped walnuts and drenched in honey.


I visited Athens with two friends and we stayed at Central Hotel, located in Plaka, a picturesque area nearby Syntagma Square. Big room, comfortable beds, amazing terrace with the Acropolis view and really nice breakfast. 


If you would like to check room prices or book a room at this hotel, have a look at this link Central Hotel


Athens is a really affordable destination. I would recommend to bring around 150€-200€ with you for 3 days.

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